Bipolar Relationships

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David Schafer
M. Ed.

Bipolar Disorder
You have consistently expressed your need for help with Bipolar Disorder and the relationships in your life.  We were listening and we are responding.

You are the patient, the person who has bipolar disorder or the families, friends, and partners of people with bipolar disorder. You are here because you have not given up or decided to walk away; however, many of you are quite similar in that you are or have been tired and exhausted by the control your loved one's illness may have taken over your lives.

Crisis situations may seem hopeless but there are options and choices,  though some may be very difficult to entertain at the time. Typical relationships certainly have their ups and downs, but add bipolar disease to the mix and these issues are greatly accentuated.

You may be using coping methods that no longer work or you may be in need of novel suggestions altogether. The truth is, bipolar disorder is a relatively predictable and frequently treatable illness. Family members and friends, while they hold considerable power and control, are often the forgotten participants in the bipolar disorder process; therefore, it is as critical to help them - those who are available and willing to help  as it is those diagnosed with the disease. These are the goals of the "Bipolar Relationships" Column.

Send your relationship questions to David with the understanding that by doing so you are giving implicit agreement to Bipolar World to publish your letter and David's response (after all identifying information has been removed).  Further by submitting your letter to Bipolar World you agree that you have read and understood the disclaimers below.

To write to David choose the button on the left link that says Contact David.


David Schafer, M.Ed., provides the information contained in the Relationships Column as a service to and the Internet community.  He tries to provide quality information, but makes no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of the information contained in or linked to the Relationships Column in this website.

In addition, David Schafer, M.Ed. is not responsible for any content contained on sites that are linked to the Relationships Column at the website.

Please note:  It is not possible for the Relationships Column of to respond to acute emergencies such as suicide.  If you have an emergency, please contact your doctor or local hospital immediately or phone 911.

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