Song Sung Blue
Chain Mail
Not For Service
From the Other Side
It's the Little Things
It'sall in the Brain
We Ain't Wrong!
A Place of Refuge
My Life as a Butterfly
Looking Over the Hills
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
The absurdities of life
A Rose by Any Other Name
I ride the line
Measuring the pain
Mind Over Matter
Hurry up and wait!
The World Within
Victims or Perpetrators
Orbiting the Black Hole
My pharmacy
More Bipolar Dreams
Bipolar Dreams
The Voice
Is Australia Bipolar
My Bubble Burst Again
A Touch of Serenity
The Reality Check
Alone in the crowd
My Father
My Friend
Our Supporters
Half Full or Half Empty
When the Stigma Hurts
Some Days Are Diamonds
Blame it on the Bipolar
The Anger
Behind the Masks
Suicide is Painless
The Stigma

Note from Graham

Graham and new grandson Alex
Congratulations Grandpa!

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Visit Graham at His New Bipolar Home!

Please welcome Graham Brown, Bipolar World's newest columnist on February 9, 2003.  Graham has written some articles prior to this and we thought they were so good we wanted to put them together in a column!

Here's a short bio from Graham .......

I am 53 years old living just outside of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with my wife Sue, I have three adult children and four beautiful grandchildren at the moment.

I have suffered from Bipolar since I was a teenager but was only diagnosed after a number of bouts of major depression a few years ago.  I love reading especially science fiction and have most of the Star Trek Original series along with many of the spin offs including movies. I have had a varied career including working in State Politics for a Member of Parliament and my only claim to fame is the granting of the Australian National Medal for service to the community as an Emergency Services Instructor.
Please enjoy Graham's articles to date with more to come!




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