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"Fairest Mania"

Wince com'est thou, fairest Mania?
I don't recall your golden wings
Affixing to my arms
But I recognize the stars as they grow near;
Their brightness and swirling colors
Are hopelessly alluring;
Yet as I near them your wings fall off,
And back I plunge, unrequited, to
The dark, cold, and lonely moon.
I can't keep this up,
You know that, don't you?
To love you, I must plunge as deep
As you soar high, which only
Costs me my mind.


Family Members

Do you have a family member with bipolar disorder who is refusing treatment, or has stopped medication and is causing you concern.  Not sure of what you can do to help?  Check the following pages for suggestions.

Family Members

Your suggestions are important to us ... if there is something you are looking for and can't find here we would appreciate hearing from you Here
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Don't Miss our talented columnists, all who have Bipolar Disorder, and write in different perspectives about the illness and how to cope with it. There are links at the top of this page
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All one needs to do is read the letters to Dr. Phelps to know how prevalent the problem of weight gain from bipolar medications is.  It is a very difficult thing to deal with - when the choice seems to be stability on meds or gaining weight.  There are some things that do help.

We have put together a fairly extensive section on this subject HERE.  In addition we have a Weight Wall, a place for you to  relate your experiences with meds and weight, tips for controlling the gain etc. 


Healthy Recipes and Yummy Recipes!!

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