Bipolar Disorder
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Diagnosis & Criteria
Bipolar Articles
Tracking Moods
Bipolar and Women
Children & Teens
Dual Diagnosis
History of Mental Illness
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* We are in the process of updating the information in this section *

Information about Bipolar Disorder...what it is, the symptoms, classifications diagnosis and how it affects individuals who have it.  Read about hypomania, mania and depression and learn how moods cycle in Bipolar Disorder.  Rate your Bipolar mood! 

Depression:  One half of the mood disorder known as bipolar disorder - the lower part of the mood spectrum known as depression.  Depression is often severe in bipolar disorder'

Mania and Hypermania:  The upper part of the mood spectrum.  Hypomania is a milder elevated mood while mania can be very severe often requiring hospitalization.

Articles:  Various Articles about Bipolar Disorder

Concurrent Disorders:  Articles about some of the many disorders that can occur concurrently with bipolar disorder

Tracking Moods:  Keeping a record of moodswings is useful for both you and your doctor

Women and Bipolar Disorder:  Articles in this section are of particular interest to women

CopingAs with any long term illness a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder is not easy to accept or live with.  Here you will find articles to help you learn to cope.  Stress is not a cause of Bipolar Disorder but it can initiate an episode.  Learn skills to deal with the stress in your life and help avoid repeated episodes of illness.  Read articles about self esteem, an important issue for many individuals with Bipolar Disorder. 

FamilyA family member has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.  Learn more about it here and what you might do to help

Bipolar ChildrenBipolar Disorder is being diagnosed more and more in children, often at a young age, and in adolescents.  Articles in this section deal with Bipolar Disorder in children and the parents who have to cope with it.

Dual DiagnosisThe concurrent diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder and Alcohol or/and Drug Addiction.  Articles and Stories in this new area being added to frequently.

Mental IllnessSome articles on the history of mental illness.




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